PADI IDC Preparation Program (3 days)

This fun three day program is designed to help candidates refresh their diving skills and Divemaster dive theory prior to the IDC.

During Chris’ Indepth IDC Prep we will review in detail the 5 topics that make up the dive theory Exams: Physics, Physiology, The Recreational Dive Planner, Equipment and General Skills & the Diving Environment – complete with an exam we know you have NOT seen before !!

During the Confined Water session we will review all the 24 skills of the PADI skill circuit, focusing on your demonstration abilities and also run a Rescue Workshop where we can make sure you are familiar and comfortable with the PADI Rescue Diver Course Exercise #7: Unconscious Diver at the Surface, both Mouth to Pocket Mask and Mouth to Mouth.
PADI IDC Skill Demonstration Free Flowing Regulator
Also included, as preparation for the real world as an instructor after the IE, are the PADI EANx Diver Course and the option of an EFR Update or The DAN Oxygen Provider. For those not yet certified this is a great chance to learn some essential skills and get certified and for those already certified as EANx Divers, a chance to refresh their knowledge and skills.

If you were given the EANx final exam or the DAN Oxygen exam NOW would you still pass ???
PADI IDC Divemaster Dive Theory Exams

Instructors from other training agencies are invited and encouraged to attend the whole IDC program – at the reduced OWSI cost !!!
With the global acceptance of EANx into mainstream Recreational Diving in recent years it has become more and more important for future (and present) PADI Instructors to be familiar with the theory and use of EANx, after all there have been questions about EANx in the DM exams since 1999, and there are even questions on EANx in the 2002 Open Water Course Quizzes and Exams!!

PADI standards again serve to highlight the importance of understanding EANx: EANx Adventure Dive, OWD 4 of the Open Water Diver Course can be done on EANx etc.

I also offer an EFR Refresher or the DAN Oxygen Provider Course as I believe it is vital that anyone involved in the scuba industry who is responsible for the well fare of others to be trained in Oxygen First Aid, oxygen being the essential First Aid for all diving related accidents.

This course will give you the basic knowledge necessary for the practical administration of oxygen using various delivery systems, including demand, oronasal mask, constant flow and pocket mask, and is required by Law in most areas of the world !!!
PADI IDC Prep - Lift Bag practice in Confined Water
When possible / when there is the interest, a visit to the local Recompression Chamber is organized for an Orientation and Tour and when possible an actual chamber dive; this gives all my Instructors the complete picture of how they would manage an Emergency right from when they start administering Oxygen at the site of the incident through to the arrival at, and treatment at, the Recompression Chamber. Please note that sometimes if they are too busy we are not able to run this.

For those lacking current CPR status (within the past 24 months) an EFR Update is available for free as part of the Prep. This focuses on the 10 skills that make up Primary Assessment and Secondary Assessment.

The cost of EFR recertification with PADI is 40 $USD.

The Care for Children certification (required for EFR Instructor certification) is also available here, cost is 4,900 THB and includes tuition, mannequin rental, EFR student manual and EFR certification Fees with EFR.

The IDC Prep is a great way to ease yourself into “IDC learning mode”, familiarize yourself with the facilities, meet and get to know your fellow candidates, Course Director and the IDC Staff.

A complete library of PADI training materials: manuals, videos, reference texts – INCLUDING ALL PADI MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTS – is available for review and reference throughout the IDC Prep and IDC !!!

The Indepth IDC Prep schedule looks like this:
Day #1

Registration & Course Orientation

Divemaster Theory Review: Physics

Divemaster Theory Review: Physiology


Overview of IDC Course Materials

Divemaster Theory: Skills and Environment Review of Knot tying and rigging a lift bag ( now assigned at the IE)

Day #2

PADI EANx Diver theory

PADI EANx practical application


DAN Oxygen Provider Course

Review of the Skill Circuit (tips and suggestions)

Day #3

Skill Circuit and skills practice

Rescue Skills Review: Exercise #7 unconscious diver at the surface

Lift Bag practice, Knot tying etc (assigned at the IE now !!!)


EANx Final Exam

Divemaster Theory review: Equipment

Divemaster Theory review: Recreational Dive Planner (table and eRDPml)

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